Magnetostatic field probe BS13

Magnetostatic field probe BS13

  • three-dimensional measuring of static magnetic fields
  • measuring range ± 100 µT
  • resolution 0,1 µT
  • switch to select between absolute and relative measurements
  • to be connected to the Fieldmeter FM10
  • switch to change between overall field strength and X-, Y- and Z-parts
  • continuous measurement and saving of single points with the Fieldmeter FM10L
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • dimensions 132 x 40 x 25 mm

Simple handling with the control keys of the Fieldmeter FM10. Only one switch is needed to change between the absolute display of the magnetic field and a relative measurement. An analogue bar display makes fast detection of anomalies easy. An acoustical signal ist shiftable.

With the data-logger of the Fieldmeter FM10L/LS saving of single measuring points and continuous measurements are available.

With an optional available aluminium profile rail precise test series e.g. for analysing sleeping berths can be realized.