isotropic, potential-free electric field probe EPL3

Isotropic, potential-free electric field probe EPL3

  • isotropic and potential-free measuring of alternating electric fields
  • inclusive 2.5m fibre optic cable
  • to be connected to the Fieldmeter FM10
  • measuring values comfortably readable with the Fieldmeter FM10
  • display of the overall field strength and the three field coordinates
  • analogue signals are available on the output of the Fieldmeters FM10LS for spectrum analysis
  • all filter and display functions of the Fieldmeter FM10 are available
  • recording of the field strength with the Fieldmeter FM10L/LS
  • delivery with supporting bar
  • excellent price-performance ratio

The EPL3-Sensor enables the potential-free and isotropic measurement of electrical alternating fields with the Fieldmeter FM10. Using three field sensor pairs, it measures the individual field components and computes the overall field strength from that.

The transmission of the measurement signals with the Fieldmeter FM10 takes place via fibre optic cable.

The FM10 firmware version 1.22 or higher is required for operation.