Elektrostatics field probe ES10

Electrostatics field probe ES10

  • measuring of electrostatic charging
  • measuring range ±10.000 V
  • resolution 1 V
  • display of the polarity
  • spacers ensure that an exact distance be kept to the object to be measured
  • to be connected to the Fieldmeter FM10

The use options of the Fieldmeter FM10 are expended through the probe ES10 by the measurement of electrostatic surface charges.

The use area in the building biology is the evaluation and selection of materials like carpets, curtains and textiles, which affect the quality of the indoor climate to a great extent. Also, the measurement and control of electrostatic charges in electronics manufacturing as well as in the paper-, textiles- and plastic industry is possible.

The charging tension is displayed with a resolution of 1 V as well as its polarity.

Spacers guarantee an exact distance to the test object and thus enable a simple and precise measurement.

The induction measurement process of the ES10 manages without moving parts and thus enables a robust device of a more convenient size.

The delivery of the ES10 probe takes place in an anti-static transport box.