potential-free electric field probe EPL

Potential-free electric field probe EPL

  • potential-free measurement of alternating electric fields
  • measuring ranges 20.0/200/2000 V/m
  • resolution bis 0.1 V/m
  • frequency range 16 Hz - 2 kHz
  • inclusive 2.5m fibre optic cable
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • to be connected to the Fieldmeter FM6 and FM10

The EPL3 sensor enables the potential-free and isotropic measurement of electrical alternating fields with the Fieldmeter FM6 or FM10.

Thus, precise measurements of berths and on the human body are possible, because the measuring probe, with its less height of 35 mm, changes the field very slightly. Even the effect of the measuring person can be eliminated by the optical transmission systems, as these can stand removed from the measurement location. In contrast to potential-related measurement, no earthing of the measurement device is necessary any more.

The EPL sensor offers three measurement ranges with low background noise with a frequency range of 16 Hz to 2 kHz. Thus, the spectrum of traction current and 50 Hz supply network can be measured with the most harmonic waves at a sensational price