LiFli Video
Light flicker meter LiFli

Light flicker meter LiFli

  • handy measuring device for quick assessment of light sources
  • display of flicker% or ripple content in the range 0...100 %
  • multicolored bar display with 18 bright LEDs
  • spectral sensitivity resembling that of the human eye
  • spectral range (λ0.5) 420..675 nm
  • records flickers from the range between 50 Hz up to 400 kHz
  • acoustic reproduction of the flicker in audible range and from 20 kHz..400 kHz
  • powerful speakers for impressive sound
  • voltage output for analysis of measurement signal using oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer
  • Lithium-ion battery, chargeable with standard USB charger

The light flicker meter LiFli enables fast evaluation of lamps with regard to the flickering ratio (flicker/glimmer). Especially, in case of LED lamps, the flickering ratio can only be determined by a measurement, because it lies between 0% to 100% in case of these lamps.

Audio functions enable an acoustic reproduction of the flickering. A voltage output for further analysis by oscilloscope or tension analyzer is available.